Web Site Design & Development


Custom responsive web sites that are search engine friendly, and Google mobile ready accessible and compliant.




We advise clients on marketing strategy, competition, search engine optimization, domain name transfers, and redesign.


Web Site Hosting


We also offer web site hosting at affordable prices on our virtual private servers. Price varies on size of site, but all web hosting include a SSL certificate.


Web Site Maintenance


Allowing a professional web site designer to do the maintenance and updates to your web site ensures it will stay compliant with industry standards and will continue to do well in the search engines. All work is done on a pro-rated hourly basis for web maintenance. If we work 15 minutes that is what you are charged for! We can bill you monthly or per occurence if you have only a few changes.


Graphic Design & Imagery


We will create custom graphics for your web site or used licensed photography. It is very important that you use only images that you own or have the IP rights too. Using royalty-free imagery will keep you save from copy-right infrigement suits.


Search Engine Optimization


We can take your old website and make it Google compliant so that it will start doing better in the search engines. Proper coding is required for good search engine results. Template builders or unskilled designers can hurt you changes of having good results in the search engines.